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NJPW ROAD TO TOKYO DOME 12/12/14 Results

NJPW, 12/12/14
Fukushima National Athletic Meet Gymnasium
1,650 Fans – No Vacancy

1. KUSHIDA beat Sho Tanaka (8:35) with a moonsault press.
2. Taichi & El Desperado beat Jushin Thunder Liger & BUSHI (8:13) when Desperado used the Guitarra de Angel on BUSHI.
3. Hiroyoshi Tenzan & Satoshi Kojima beat Manabu Nakanishi & Captain New Japan (10:18) when Tenzan used the Anaconda Max on Captain.
4. Toru Yano, YOSHI-HASHI & Gedo beat Minoru Suzuki, Takashi Iizuka & TAKA Michinoku (10:53)when Yano used the Uragasumi on TAKA.
5. Hirooki Goto, Katsuyori Shibata & Ryusuke Taguchi beat Yuji Nagata, Tetsuya Naito & Tiger Mask(11:53) when Shibata used a go2sleep on Tiger.
6. Kazuchika Okada, Shinsuke Nakamura & Tomohiro Ishii beat Hiroshi Tanahashi, Togi Makabe & Tomoaki Honma (15:50) when Okada used the Rainmaker on Honma.

Today's BIG Picture - Britney Spears Looks Amazing

Best Movie Villains: The Sandman

Again, we'll be doing our Friday feature of the Best Movie Villains. This week our Villain is none other than The Sandman from Spiderman 3.

Flashback Friday - Wayne's World



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A Look at the Insanely Gorgeous Actress Pamela Anderson in Love Magazine

A Look at the Insanely Gorgeous Actress Pamela Anderson in Love Magazine

Who are The Bullet Club?

The best thing to happen to the wrestling business since the nWo!

The Bullet Club -

Even the heels of Japan adhere to the general codes of sportsmanship. Japanese fans don’t boo for any reason, and factions don’t interfere in matches. Well, throw all of that out the window because the Bullet Club is here.

The Bullet Club is an American-style faction that has become the most dominant and hated group in Japan. They are the “gaijin” outsiders, taking over from the inside and reshaping the best wrestling company in the world, with complete disregard for the customs and traditions of New Japan. From their in-ring tactics to their constant cursing and drinking during interviews, they’re giving New Japan fits having to edit their shows not to offend their audience or sponsors.

While these #GoodBrothers claim to have no official leader, the original visionary is “Machine Gun” Karl Anderson. This gifted talker found his true calling with the Bullet Club. And that is the one consistent theme with Doc Gallows, AJ Styles, Bad Luck Fale, Tama Tonga, the Young Bucks, Takahashi and Kenny Omega. Every single member of the group reinvented himself upon joining, and every one of them thrived as a result. And now the additions of Jeff Jarrett and Scott D’Amore add even more intrigue. Their long-term role with the BC is not yet known, but Double J bringing his trademark guitar smash out of retirement on Tanahashi’s head certainly sent a message.

And ironically the things that made them the most disruptive and despised group in Japan are making them a phenomenon all over the world. By Western standards of wrestling, these “Bone Soldiers” are the coolest group in the business. They have a killer logo, hot-selling gear, awesome theme music and a ring entrance to behold. What began as mock imitation of their ‘90s heroes in the NWO and DX evolved into a tribute to those old groups and now has become their thing. But with their growing library of new catchphrases and nicknames, their use of “war paint” and creative ring entrances, they are constantly evolving and pushing the envelope of entertainment.

The Bret Hart Scale - Part 1

In his biography Bret 'The Hitman' Hart had a system of determining a wrestler's overall effectiveness. He ranked 3 categories, 1-10, and added them up. According to Bret, a score in the high twenties makes a great wrestler.

Myself and 'Ian' Chad Barclay decided to do our own 'Bret Scale', We thought we could do some rankings and see how "great" some of these wrestlers are. The categories are as follows:

1. Look/Physical Presence/Charisma
2. Pure in-ring ability/Workrate
3. Promo ability/being able to sell yourself on the microphone

We decided to select 50 of the most iconic wrestlers of all time to dissect. Without further ado lets look at where these 50 wrestlers rank: 

(The scores will be listed in the above 1,2,3 order - PTP = Me, ICB = Chad)

Macho Man Randy Savage:

PTP - 30 (10,10,10)
ICB - 30 (10,10,10)

Hulk Hogan:

PTP - 26 (10,6,10)
ICB - 25 (10,5,10)

Ric Flair:

PTP - 29 (10,9,10)
ICB - 25 (7.5,7.5,10)

Bret Hart:

PTP - 28 (10,10,8)
ICB - 25 (8,10,7)

Shawn Michaels:

PTP - 25 (9,8,8)
ICB - 27 (9,9,9)

The Undertaker:

MMA Fighters Sue the UFC [Press Conference]

Exclusive Interview: Founder and CEO of Pro Wrestling Tees Ryan Barkan

Go to - 

Pro Wrestling Tees

Barber Shop Window -

One Hour Tees -

Ryan Barkan is the Founder and CEO –®,, 

Pro Wrestling Tees is Custom Wrestling Apparel Made By Professional Wrestlers. They have Individual Wrestler T-shirts and Merchandise Stores as well as Independent Wrestling T-shirts.

Now onto the interview:

Q -Pro Wrestling Tees is such a good idea, can you talk a little about it and how did you come up with it?

A- In 2010, Colt Cabana came to my store with CM Punk to get a shirt made for Punk to wear on TV that said “I Broke Big Shows Hand”. Colt asked me if I wanted to start making shirts for him to sell at shows and that he would recommend me to other independent wrestlers. For about 2 years I was printing bulk orders for guys like the Young Bucks and Joey Ryan who always had their own websites to sell merch, but were always limited by ordering upfront. At my store OneHourTees in Chicago, we print digitally on demand, so it made sense that we could do the same with an online wrestling store, because we wouldn’t have to stock inventory. So we launched in June of 2013.

Q -Are you a big pro wrestling fan? Do you yourself have any favorite wrestlers?

A- I have always been a huge fan of pro wrestling. Diehard fan in the 90’s, fell off a little into the 2000’s but then in 2010 when I started printing shirts for wrestlers, I started to get back into it and now I’m right back where I started. I’d say my two all-time favorites are Randy Savage and Steve Austin. Just so happens I now get to print for Randy’s estate and talk to Austin regularly on the phone.

Q -How do you make the connections with the wrestlers?

A- Majority of the wrestlers I connect with are through other wrestlers. Obviously Cabana is responsible for majority of them, but other guys recommend me as well. A lot of the wrestlers we contact through Facebook or Twitter. Diamond Dallas Page was the first WWE legend that I signed when I met him at a convention in Chicago. It was actually the first week we launched the site. Having someone like him on the site really opened up doors to get other WWE alumni.

Q-Being in the Chicago area, was it easy reaching a deal with Cm Punk and how did that go exactly?

A- CM Punk had been to our store a bunch of times. He’s close friends with Colt Cabana who is at our store weekly, so it only made sense that eventually we would be able to setup a store for him. There are hundreds of bootleg CM Punk shirts on the internet, so for him it made perfect sense to launch this store so fans can get shirts through him directly.
(continued with much more)

Q- How did you make the connection with New Japan Pro Wrestling?(Fans have been waiting along time to get NJPW merchandise at a good price).

A- Since New Japan had worked closely with Ring of Honor and we print all the shirts for ROH it definitely helped. Rocky Romero and Jeff Jones from Ring of Honor helped me with that entire deal. All the guys in Bullet Club were pretty much on the site already including Gallows, Anderson and the Bucks, as well as the Bullet Club rivals, the (Forever) Hooligans. Those guys were always telling the office they should sign up. It took about 4 or 5 months to get the whole deal done.

Q-Who is your #1 seller? Seems like the Bullet Club products are selling like crazy because I have seen thousands of them at wrestling shows throughout the country.

A-NJPW overall as a company has sold the most shirts on our site. Individually, CM Punk has already become the top selling wrestler and he’s only been on the site for 2 weeks.

Q- You guys have really blown up, not just with Pro wrestling tees but also One hour tees and Barber shop window, did you see yourself becoming this popular?

A- One Hour Tees has been one of the largest apparel printing companies in Chicago for the past 7 years, we opened up our retail store in 2008 and have grown tremendously every year since. Obviously the acquisition of Barbershopwindow and the launch of ProWrestlingTees put OneHourTees on the map in the wrestling world. My goal when we launched PWTees was to sign up 100 wrestlers within the first year and we had signed up 100 wrestlers within the first 3 months. Now we have about 350 wrestlers on the site. It’s insane.

Catchphrase of the Week - Don't Sing It...Bring it!

"Don't Sing It...Bring it!" - Scott Hall

A Look at Amazingly Hot Actress Caity Lotz

A Look at Amazingly Hot Actress Caity Lotz