Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Bret Hart Scale - Part 3

In his biography Bret 'The Hitman' Hart had a system of determining a wrestler's overall effectiveness. He ranked 3 categories, 1-10, and added them up. According to Bret, a score in the high twenties makes a great wrestler.

Myself and 'Ian' Chad Barclay decided to do our own 'Bret Scale', We thought we could do some rankings and see how "great" some of these wrestlers are. The categories are as follows:

1. Look/Physical Presence/Charisma
2. Pure in-ring ability/Workrate
3. Promo ability/being able to sell yourself on the microphone

We decided to select 50 of the most iconic wrestlers of all time to dissect. Without further ado lets look at where these 50 wrestlers rank: 

(The scores will be listed in the above 1,2,3 order - PTP = Me, ICB = Chad)

Dusty Rhodes:

PTP - 23 (6,7,10)
ICB - 22 (6,6,10)

Daniel Bryan:

PTP - 26 (8,10,8)
ICB - 25 (7,10,8)

CM Punk:

PTP - 26 (8,9,9)
ICB - 26 (8,10,8)

John Cena:

PTP - 18 (10,4,4)
ICB - 16 (6,6,4)

Greg Valentine:

PTP - 18 (6,7,5)
ICB - 15 (5,6,4)

Scott Hall:

PTP - 28 (10,8,10)
ICB - 18 (10,8,10)

Rowdy Roddy Piper:

PTP - 26 (10,6,10)
ICB - 25 (10,5,10)

Triple H:

PTP - 17 (7,5,5)
ICB - 12.5 (5,5.5,2)

AJ Styles:

PTP - 23 (7,9,7)
ICB - 23 (7,10,6)

Samoa Joe:

PTP - 25 (8,9,8)
ICB - 21 (6.5,8,6.5)

You too can rate your favorite wrestlers too!

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