Thursday, February 23, 2017

#ThrowbackThursday @Penthouse Style with Legend Alex Taylor #RetroVibes

A Look at Red Hot Redhead Actress Annie Wersching @Wersching

Absolutely loved her on Bosch....and not because she was naked quite a bit.....ok, that maybe a small reason....

February's Girlsway #GOTM @umajoliexxx

Goooood Morning @KylieJenner

The "Underboss" of the #BulletClub Bad Luck Fale @TOKSFALE Joins the @TwoManPowerTrip

Today The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling goes international as we travel all the way to New Zealand to be chat with a founding father of the Bullet Club and the group's muscle known as the "Underboss" Bad Luck Fale joins episode number #244. Hear Fale's rise to becoming The Underboss as well as the story of formation of The Bullet Club and how they became one of the most dominant factions in professional wrestling history. The full 60 minute interview can be downloaded at this link.

Full Episode Download Link:

Bad Luck Fale On If The Bullet Club Had Heat With The nWo:

Bad Luck Fale On Working Nakamura, Losing Finn Balor To WWE: