Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Paul Pierce to Opt out of Contract Wednesday

Add one more marquee name to the most anticipated free-agent class in NBA history: Paul Pierce.

Sources close to the situation told that Pierce has notified the Boston Celtics that he will opt out of the final year of his contract before Wednesday's deadline to do so, which will make Pierce an unrestricted free agent for the first time in his career.

By opting out, Pierce will forfeit next season's $21.5 million salary but becomes eligible to sign a new four-year deal with the Celtics worth a maximum of $96 million and can receive four-year offers from other teams worth a maximum $93 million.

It is unlikely Pierce would receive a contract longer than four years, because a fifth season would begin when Pierce was 37 and -- under the league's over-36 rule -- would have costly salary cap implications for any team signing him.

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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Post Fight Thoughts on Fedor plus vid of Werdum Fight

UFC President, Dana White has finally given his thoughts on Fedor Emelianenko's first loss at this past Saturday night's Strikeforce event.

Speaking via his Twitter Page, Dana said:

“boo hoo, you are really taking the loss hard! Even setting him up with easy fights doesn’t work anymore. its over move on, I did."

Those comments are sure to get fans fired up as many fans have been following the career of Fedor Emelianenko for a very long time.

Tito Oritz adds:

You can have a company back you and say you're the best guy in the world, but until you compete against the best guys in the world, you're not that guy. There's a lot more things going on behind the scenes, and it's not just Fedor making those decisions. Fedor is fighting for his country. But it is what it is, and it just proves that he's not invincible and that he's not one of the top heavyweights in the world. I think he's a decent fighter overall...

Here's a great article on FOX Sports about how this Fedor loss isn't the end of the world and how Werdum was ranked as a Top 10 Heavyweight in the world and shouldn't be taken so lightly.

HDNet Fights: Fedor Returns

Dan Haren to the Yankees??

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, the Yankees, along with the Twins, Nationals, Cardinals, and Tigers, had scouts in attendance at Dan Haren’s latest start in Arizona (against the Yankees, actually). Haren has had an up-and-down year for the Diamondbacks, as he has posted a 7-6 record and a 4.65 ERA. His 4.04 FIP and 3.46 xFIP are more telling, however. He’s a good pitcher but he's been very inconsistent thus far.

The Yankees don't necessarily need another pitcher right now. Plus, for Haren, Arizona would require a hefty package.

Dan Haren 2009 Pitching Action by Unknown. Size 16.00 inches width by 18.95 inches height. High Quality Art Poster Print

The Top NBA Free Agents for 2011

• Yao Ming, C, Rockets
• Tony Parker, PG, Spurs
• Tim Duncan, C, Spurs
• Caron Butler, G/F, Mavs
• David West, F, Hornets
• T.J. Ford, PG, Pacers
• Richard Jefferson, F, Spurs
• Tayshaun Prince, F, Pistons
• Jason Richardson, SG, Suns
• Andrei Kirilenko, F, Jazz
• Kenyon Martin, PF, Nuggets
• Troy Murphy, PF, Pacers
• Mike Dunleavy, F, Pacers
• Nick Collison, F, Thunder
• Samuel Dalembert, C, Kings
• Michael Redd, SG, Bucks

Obviously this class is a tad worse than the 2010 class.

The NBA's Top 10 Free Agents & Possible Destinations

1. LeBron James, Cavaliers

Potential destinations: Bulls, Cavs, Heat, Knicks, Nets, Mavs

2. Dwyane Wade, Heat

Potential destinations: Heat, Knicks, Nets, Bulls

3. Chris Bosh, Raptors

Potential destinations: Bulls, Heat, Lakers, Knicks, Nets, Rockets

4. Amare Stoudemire, Suns

Potential destinations: Heat, Nets, Bulls, Rockets, Knicks, Suns

5. Dirk Nowitzki, Mavericks

Potential destinations: Mavericks, Heat, Bulls, Knicks

6. Carlos Boozer, Jazz

Potential destinations: Nets, Heat, Knicks, Bulls, Pistons, Jazz

7. Joe Johnson, Hawks

Potential destinations: Heat, Knicks, Bulls, Nets, Hawks

8. David Lee, Knicks

Potential destinations: Bulls, Nets, Heat, Raptors, Knicks

9. Shaquille O'Neal, Cavs

Potential destinations: Mavs, Spurs, Cavs

10. Ray Allen, Celtics

Potential Destinations: Celtics, Bulls, Knicks, Nets, Heat

Thanks to ESPN

Lebron & Bosh to join Wade in Miami?

The Heat have been shedding cap space in an effort to possibly land LeBron James and Chris Bosh in addition to re-signing Dwyane Wade.

And Wade reportedly thinks such a dynamic trio is possible.

Undeniable - The Rise of Dwyane Wade (NBA Player Profile)From Ira Winderman of the South Florida Sun Sentinel: "A source close to Wade said the Heat guard believes his team is poised to pull off a free-agency coup of landing himself, James and Bosh. However that same source, as well as a party inside the league, told the Sun Sentinel that Wade also plans to cover himself during the initial days of the free-agency negotiating period by scheduling interviews with the New York Knicks, Chicago Bulls, and, in somewhat of a surprise, the Dallas Mavericks."

We stress that this in no way means this trio is headed to South Beach, even though it's a certainly within the realm of possibility as free agency hits on Thursday. "His team is poised to pull off" is a lot different than "Wade knows it's going to happen beyond a shadow of a doubt."

The Bulls are also poised for such a coup with James and Bosh, and though in recent days the Knicks' odds of landing James seem to be dropping, they have cap space to add both players as well.

Bottom line: We're hearing a lot of reports about possible additions to teams as free agency looms on Thursday, ones that make a fair amount of sense.

But there's still a lot of things in flux right now, things that will be sorted out and will become definitive quite soon.
Miami Heat NBA 2005-2006 Champions - 15 Strong

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Monday, June 28, 2010

NEVER Touch a Mexican Wrestler's Mask....EVER

Plus the hilarious "remix":

FIFA Shoots Down Replay

Despite two more prominent mistakes by World Cup officials in Round of 16 tournament games Sunday, FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke reiterated after the games that soccer’s world governing body had no plans to consider the use of instant replay.

adidas Germany Away Jersey,Black/Light Scarlet/Met Gold Footb 04,LargeIn a 4-1 loss to Germany, England had a shot from Frank Lampard clearly go beyond the German goal line but the apparent goal was disallowed by Uruguayan assistant referee Mauricio Espinosa and referee Jorge Larrionda. Had the goal been allowed, England would’ve tied the game 2-2 in the 38th minute of the contest.

The other major officiating mistake of the day came on Argentina striker Carlos Tevez’s opening goal in an eventual 3-1 win over Mexico. Tevez was clearly offsides as he scored, with the goal met with howls of protest from the Mexican side and television and radio announcers.

Argentina’s Telam News Agency reported, via translation, that FIFA Secretary General Valcke did admit to officiating mistakes after the Mexico-Argentina match on Sunday:

“(There were) some decisions that were not good. (But) we have no time to implement changes immediately. That can occur for the World 2014.“

So what are those changes?
For Valcke, video replay is not an option of any kind. Though adding more officials is:

“That (video) is not discussed. We can help if we support the referees (with) more eyes.”

At a press conference in Johannesburg on Sunday Fifa general secretary Jerome Valcke re-iterated the governing body’s objection to using any sort of technology to assist referees.

Valcke said that the use of video technology was “definitely not on the table” saying it is impossible to have a “zero-fault” system.

At the time of that March vote, FIFA President Sepp Blatter and Valcke said that they opposed adding video replay as a tool for officials because of a supposed slippery slope that would lead to requests to review too many aspects of the game.

FIFA says it costs too much money to install, yet they earned £4.2 BILLION from the TV rights!

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Adam Morrison's 2010 NBA Championship Highlights

Adam Morrison is known for being a huge NBA disappointment and having a sweet pornstache. But did you know that Morrison has more titles than LeBron James and Elgin Baylor combined? Morrison has collected two NBA Championships while riding the pine on the Los Angeles Lakers.

Jimmy Kimmel recognized and celebrated Morrison’s efforts in the Finals with a hilarious video of Adam Morrison’s NBA Finals highlights…

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Steven Seagal teaches Anderson Silva a few moves

Steven Seagal Collection: 4 Film Favorites - Under Siege / The Glimmer Man / Above the Law / Fire Down Below

Bobby V uncertain of status with Marlins

Bobby Valentine's status as possible Marlins manager is still unclear at this point. He said on Baseball Tonight earlier that he was "in the middle of the process."

The latest news from was that late Sunday night that Valentine is no longer a candidate.

The hangup, the story said, was over philosophical differences, not money.

Friday, June 25, 2010

My Poz-itively Great Take on the NBA

Although I love college basketball and am in the field of basketball in my day job, I am not the biggest fan of the NBA Draft. Actually it's extremely boring and that I hung in there and watched it, was a bit of a miracle.

First off, the ESPN crew they chose to host the draft was weak sauce. Jon Barry was pretty useless and wasn't giving much information and Jeff Van Gundy (minus the awesome Jeff-Van-Gun-dy chants from the crowd) just spoke in cliches and didn't make much sense. And I am sorry to say but why is Stuart Scott still hired? Because he is friends with Michael Jordan? To take a phrase from ESPN's Monday Night Countdown: "Come on Man!" He also just throws out the cliches like they are going out of style and just tries to "black it up." He overdoes it to a point of nauseum. He is terrible and one of the biggest over actors or over sellers in history. Please retire bud.

Don't let me forget about Jay Bilas. Now Bilas really knows his stuff and is very well respected in the business and deservingly so. He is also great doing the CBS broadcasts during March Madness. This, however, is not his type of setting. Sure he knows the players but there isn't much substance there. In past years he'd describe every player as; "long, athletic, and has a high ceiling." He'd literally say those exact 3 things about every player. Me and my friends say that to each other constantly:

'Hey Joe, how do you think Ron will do with the new job? --- Oh man, he's the right man for the job. He's long, athletic....and most importantly, he's got a REALLY high ceiling.'

This year Bilas' obsession word was "wingspan." Mentioning what wingspan each and every pick had. Hamady N'Diaye from Rutgers? Who cares if he can't play a lick offensively, he's got a 7' 6" wingspan! Does any of this stuff ever translate to the actual game? I don't think it does and I don't think Bilas cares. He just wants to throw a fact out there that you didn't know and probably didn't even know existed.

I personally think the entire draft would have been thoroughly entertaining with the TNT crew of Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith & Charles Barkley. They are hilarious, work great together and would make the viewing a lot more fun. We don't need mindless facts or odd cliches. Half of these guys will never be heard of again, so it's not imperative to know every little thing about each player. Barkley = Great TV.

In a side note that just added some absurdity to the draft was the firing of Portland Trailblazers GM Kevin Pritchard. There were rumors the Portland Trail Blazers were going to make a big move on draft night but that was downright odd.

A report surfaced less than an hour before the draft started that Pritchard had been fired but was still going to be involved in the draft process. He was "relieved of his duties" but no reason was given.

Isner-Mahut FINALLY end marathon match at Wimbledon

Linked forever as partners in tennis crime or tennis glory — take your pick — are Long John Isner, once an All-American at the University of Georgia, and quick Nic Mahut, with a French background. Foes for three days, and now lifetime friends, they collaborated in an expanding dream that amazed the sporting world and looked endless.

John Isner - 2007 U.S. Open - Framed 8x10 Photograph with Ticket
“I honestly thought it was a dream,’’ said the towering Isner, whose zipping two-fisted backhand punctured the revelry of 11 hours 5 minutes that began Tuesday. “I was expecting to wake up, in all seriousness. I didn’t think that type of match was possible.’’

It wasn’t — a match of 183 games beyond any imagination — but was. Game after game after game, it finally came out like this for Isner: 6-4, 3-6, 6-7 (7-9), 7-6 (7-3), 70-68.

Yes, 70-68 — an unheard-of score in tennis. Never happened; never will. But it did on Court 18. Two serving heavies got caught up in it, blasting each other like prizefighters, and couldn’t get out. It was too absorbing for them and the witnesses, a once-in-forever trip through 183 games, 20 of them on the last day after darkness had stalled the fateful fifth at 59-59 Wednesday.
Absurd. Who could have conjured it?

“You can’t imagine going to 20-all,’’ Isner said.

You couldn’t have broken serve with a sledgehammer. Each guy lost serve only once until the conclusion, ending a stretch of 168 holds.

“I lost track of the score,’’ said Isner. “Just tried to hold serve. One break would mean the match.’’

It was abrupt: a Mahut error, good low returns, and the backhand passer. Suddenly it was over, and they had their niche in sporting history.

Aces flew like hailstones: 112 for Isner, 103 for Mahut. Every time they struck one, it added to the all-time record.

Wimbledon - The 2008 Finals: Nadal vs. Federer / Widescreen

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Bobby Gonzalez denied entry at the NBA Draft

According to NBA insider Adam Zagoria, Bobby Gonzalez was denied a credential and tickets at media will call at the NBA Draft in NYC.

He then threw a fit, sources said. He somehow found his way in a little while later.

ULTIMATE--The First Four Decades

BIG bust Eddy Curry now in trouble with the law

To commemorate the NBA Draft last night, I thought I’d bring up one of the BIGGEST busts in its history, Eddy Curry.

In his lackluster career he’s played in 511 games and averaged 13.3 points with 5.3 rebounds and 0.8 blocks. Not exactly stellar numbers. Plus he’s missed roughly 2,000,000 games due to injury over that span. Not to mention what seems to be an outright refusal to get in shape.

Eddy Curry Chicago Bulls 8x10 PhotoNow this:

A judge in Chicago has issued an arrest warrant for New York Knicks player Eddy Curry because he’s failed to appear in court in connection with a civil lawsuit.

Cook County sheriff’s spokesman Steve Patterson says the agency received the warrant June 14 and has contacted Curry’s attorneys. Curry grew up in the Chicago area and used to play for the Bulls.

Court records show the case was a personal injury lawsuit filed by Christina White. Her attorney, Larry Rogers, says Curry failed to make a payment but declined to give details because the case is under seal.

A message left for Curry’s attorney wasn’t immediately returned Thursday. A Knicks spokesman declined to comment.

This guy personifies the word "bum".....not only was he a terrible NBA player and complete bust but now he's in trouble with the law. Nice going moron.

If the police cannot find him within a few days, I suggest they check all the local benches. He’s probably sitting on one.

Tip-Off: How the 1984 NBA Draft Changed Basketball Forever

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Exclusive Interivew: Kevin Driscoll, Hoop Group Skills Director

Q: You are the Skills Director at the Hoop Group and 1 of the Director's of the Pocono's Camp out in PA....what exactly does that job entail?
A: The main focus of this job is running summer camps from June until the end of August. When its not "camp season" I run basketball clinics, tournaments, and other events to promote our summer camps. Aside from that I spend a lot of times in gyms looking for prospective campers as well as building relationships with parents and coaches that may be interested in sending their kid(s) away to camp. 

Q: How do you earn the kids & parents respect when they don't know you and don't know your background?
A:  The most important thing is to get in front of these players and parents and prove to them that you can coach and you know what your talking about. There is no way I can just call someone up over the phone and expect them to come to one of our summer camps. You need to build relationships in this business. There is no better way to do that than meeting someone in person(the old fashioned way). One technique we use to get in front of prospective campers is running "FREE' clinics throughout the year for youth and high school organizations. I am starting to see this tactic pay off as many kids are showing up for camp that I met at clinics this past year. Running these clinics is a tremendous way to earn kids and parents respect. If they see you can teach and you know what you are talking about this is much more valuable than just talking about it with no action. Now parents see the value in developing their skills at Hoop Group Skills Camp. I mean seriously, how do you think Tiny Green is so successful with his instruction and clinics. Its certainly not his ability to return a phone call or check his voicemail.

Q: You've been a Head Coach at both the high school level and at the AAU level. In fact, at the tender age of 22, you were the youngest coach in the state of Pennsylvania. What are the biggest differences in both? Do you coach them differently?

A: There are so many difference between high school and AAU basketball, I dont even know where to start. I believe AAU is more for making friends, traveling, and playing against different competition. Obviously high school level AAU is a great chance to compete and get exposure to play at the next level. AAU teams practice once or twice a week and then play in a weekend tournament where they play anywhere from 3-5 games. Practicing twice a week is certainly not enough time to have your team prepared and ready to compete for that many games per weekend. I loved coaching at the high school level. There is more of a family feel to it because it is a year round commitment. You are with your so called brothers day in and day out and there are a lot of ups and downs when you practice 5 days a week during the season. Also, coaching at a public high school there is no choosing your players like there is in AAU. You play with the cards you are dealt and there are no excuses. Its on you as a coach to get your team to perform at the highest level possible. For me, coaching AAU and High School was very different. A lot more goes in to high school coaching. Aside from the on the floor coaching you need to keep on your kids about being academically eligible, making the right choices outside of school etc.

Q: Is there a difference with the Pennsylvania and NJ styles?

A:  I'm not exactly sure if there is a difference as far as style of play. Both PA and NJ have great coaches and players and both states have certain areas where basketball is played at an extremely high level. The Catholic schools in North Jersey are some of the best high school basketball teams throughout the country and also have outstanding coaching. The Philadelphia Catholic league is where you will find some of the top players and coaches in PA. Overall I would put my money on NJ as far as which state has the most talent.

Q: What's the most important thing for a kid to be working on everyday?

A: Great Question. Its not always what a kid is practicing but how they are practicing. So many kids practice the wrong way, it is unbelievable. You can get a great work out in 45 minutes if you practice the right way and go hard. I advise kids to make their own practice plan before they go out and practice. That way they have a focus on what they need to accomplish when they get out on the court. I believe kids should be working on their fundamentals everyday. If I could pick two areas it would be ball handling and shooting. If a player is able to do one of these two things really well, he will definitely find his way on a team. If he can do both, I'm certain he or she will excel.

Q: What is your ultimate goal in the game?

A:  My ultimate goal is to be a head coach at a small Division 1 school with strong academic standards. I look forward to a future where I can coach on a full time basis and be able to have an impact on the lives of student athletes.

Q: Where would you like to end up in your career?

A: I would like to coach at a small division 1 school close to my hometown. There are 2 that i have in mind, but I don't want to jinx myself!

Q: When does the Pocono Camp end and what do you plan on doing when your finished?

A: Camp in the Pocono's finishes up at the end of August. At that time, we will have completed 20 sessions of summer camp. I'm hoping to find a spot at the beach where I can relax for a little bit and get geared up for next season. Obviously looking forward to getting together with you and your great staff at broiled sports for a great time of broiling. 

Be on the Look Out for Jr. Elite weekend Highlight reel which should launch in about a week!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Manute Bol, NBA Giant, passes away

Manute Bol, a lithe 7-foot-7 shot-blocker from Sudan who spent 10 seasons in the NBA and was dedicated to humanitarian work in Africa, died Saturday. He was 47.

Bol died at the University of Virginia Hospital in Charlottesville, where he was being treated for severe kidney trouble and a painful skin condition, Tom Prichard, executive director of the group Sudan Sunrise, said in an e-mail.

1992-93 Upper Deck #277 Manute Bol“Sudan and the world have lost a hero and an example for all of us,” Prichard said. “Manute, we’ll miss you. Our prayers and best wishes go out to all his family, and all who mourn his loss.”

Bol played in the NBA with Washington, Golden State, Philadelphia and Miami, averaging 2.6 points, 4.2 rebounds and 3.3 blocks for his career. He led the league in blocks in 1985-86 with Washington (5.0 per game) and in 1988-89 with Golden State (4.3 a game).

“Manute’s impact on this city, our franchise and the game of basketball cannot be put into words,” 76ers president and general manager Ed Stefanski said in a statement. “He … was continually giving of himself through his generosity and humanitarian efforts in order to make the world around him a much better place, for which he will always be remembered.”

Bol joined the NBA with Washington in 1985 and played three seasons there. He returned to the team briefly toward the end of his career. The Wizards lauded him as a “true humanitarian and an ambassador for the sport of basketball.”

“Despite his accomplishments on the court, his lasting legacy will be the tireless work and causes he promoted in his native Sudan and the cities in which he played,” the club said in a statement.

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LA Dodger dating Porn Star

Sports By Brooks posted a very interesting article where an L.A.-based adult film performer named “Lexi Belle” claims to have a “boyfriend” on the Dodgers. Here are some of her tweets:

She also added these 2 tweets more recently:

-2 anyone who is snooping around trying to figure out if i am dating a Dodger player.i am NOT. he is not on the team. stop with the insanity

-fuck the blogger who called me out and posted my real name and also to the assholes at ESPN. how dare you. u have ur info wrong dicks

People are thinking it's automatically an outfielder because he wrote something on the OF wall but that isn't necessarily true. Matt Kemp is dating Rihanna (smokin hot), Andre Either is married (w/ a smokin hot wife) and Manny Ramirez is also married (w/ smokin hot wife). Who does that leave Reed Johnson? Ok, maybe it's him. It could be anyone but good for her.......and definitely him.

KissMe Girl: Girls Kissing - Vol. 1Los Angeles Dodgers Apron

Lakers celebration pics plus videos of their other many Championship moments

Here is the link to the other Lakers celebrations

Here is a goofy pic just for fun:

Los Angeles Lakers 2010 NBA Finals Champions Official Locker Room T-Shirt - XX-LargeLos Angeles Lakers 2010 NBA Champions Mouse PadLos Angeles Lakers 2010 NBA Finals Champions Championship Roster T-Shirt - X-Large