The Undertaker to Retire?

After 20+ years as one of the top acts in pro wrestling, the end is near for the career of the legendary Undertaker. The general feeling behind the scenes in WWE is that The Undertaker is effectively retired. After years of working a reduced schedule and working through lingering injuries, the Dead Man’s days as a regular in-ring competitor are over.

WWE officials are hopeful that The Undertaker has one more match in him, but he is said to be in much worse physical shape than previously thought. The idea has been pitched for The Undertaker to wrestle one more match at next year’s WrestleMania 28 and for him to retire after that match with his streak in tact at 20-0.

The recent retirement of the Undertaker’s wife Michelle McCool is a strong indication that the two of them are moving on from their roles as active competitors to start a family and begin the next chapters of their lives. Both The Undertaker and Michelle McCool have office jobs waiting for them if they are interested.