Dave Hester Not Returning to Storage Wars? YUUUUUUUP!

Notorious storage locker buyer from the hit A&E show Storage Wars, he's known for his tenacity and his signature 'yuuuuuuup' to bidding. However, he may walk from the show if there isn't more money and respect for him.

Dave Hester told TMZ reporters when they caught up with him in Los Angeles, that the A&E executives haven't got him in a contract for next season. The Storage Wars regular owns Rags to Riches, a consignment shop in Costa Mesa and is known as The Mogul on the show. Plans are to close the shop and focus solely on his new auction house venture. He has been buying up storage units and lockers for 25 years.

A&E are in contract negotiations with Dave, but there has been no agreement on terms. Currently little is known how it will progress if Dave doesn't sign. Sure replacements can be made, but he's a main character that plays to the audience well.

UPDATE (12/11/12): Dave Hester is now in the process of suing A&E and Storage Wars stating that the show is "rigged" among other things.


James Matson said…
Tell Dave to beat it, he is the headache of the show. Nobody watches to see him run his arrogant mouth, we all want to see what is in the lockers wether it be from some Joe off the street or Santa Claus, Dave doesn't make anything good for the show. Everyone I know just wants a chance to see Dave around so they can put him in a place he deserves to be, not in a good way at all. He ruins the show.
Anonymous said…
Hope Dave does leave the show. His B.S. valuations are so far off what real cash prices for used stuff that he must live in Fantasyland.(Disneyland prices are actually a little better than Dave's) The only way that guy is making the kind of cash he presents himself to have is due to his TV contract. The money they pay the characters to film these crappy "reality" T.V. shows is always a tiny fraction of the cost of paying talented writers and actors to make "unreal".T.V. Show's like this are a sign of the dumbing down of our society and the lack of creativity in general of people making their living in the entertainment industry these days.
Anonymous said…
No loss I'd be glad to see him off the show. Arrogant greedy bully. Grow up. Being an asshole doesn't make him anymore money on storage lockers despite what he try's to represent.
Anonymous said…
Dave Hester is a douchbag idiot who puffs up his "appraisals "I to make it look like he's making money and like he knows what he's talking about. I hope they don't bring him back! I say goodbye and good riddance to the annoying fool and don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out!!!