Mouth of the South Shore Radio Show Host Speaks Out Against Caitlyn Jenner's"Self Serving" Speech at the ESPY Awards

Kevin Winter / Getty Images
@MOTSSRadio host @REALEricCordova spoke out tonight against Caitlyn Jenner and her speech at the ESPY Awards:

Ok, I'm going to be a bit controversial here. Much like Matthew McConaughey and Lincoln, I was a supporter of the LGBTQ community before it was cool. There is a beauty in understanding that underneath our differences, we are very much the same, human being tries to understand, prosper, and enjoy life. As such, I have been quite pleased with the progress we have made as a society over the years in coming to accept and respect the differences we have. While things might never be perfect, I'd rather be getting better than getting worse.

Most recently, the LGBTQ community has taken center stage, with the legal issues and the triumph of the Supreme Court ruling. However, most people often forget the T part of LGBT and that of course is Transgender. And while I believe in the importance of understanding and supporting each person that identifies as any part of LGBTQ, I have to be honest as to what I see. The speech given by Caitlyn Jenner was an opportunity to do a lot of good and I feel it was a pretty big swing and miss.

In my opinion, that speech came off as self serving, narcissistic, and heartless. Before you chastise though, I mean heartless in the sense that Caitlyn Jenner spoke with no conviction, no authority, no candor. The speech came off as very rehearsed, almost as if someone that wasn't transgender could deliver most of it.

Perhaps I'm being unfair, given last year's speech from Stuart Scott brought me to tears, as did the scene earlier in the night with Devon Still. I expected more though, and though I don't want to place the blame on anything in particular, I did find it interesting that an advertisement for Caitlyn's reality show came on right after the speech.

I don't find anything said to be insincere, just lacking conviction and care. I feel Caitlyn Jenner had a real opportunity to shed some light on an important issue and instead made it about her and didn't allow people to truly connect with the larger issue. Whether you agree or disagree, I'm willing to listen. This is just the way I saw it.