Ring of Honor Results Hopkins, Minn July 11, 2015


Ring of Honor Results
July 11, 2015
Hopkins, Minn.

(1) Mark Briscoe beat "Hotshot" Danny Duggan. Duggan, from the CWE promotion in Canada, wore Curt Hennig-like apparel. So, as you guessed, there were related chants.

(2) War Machine (Hanson & Rowe) beat Silas Young & Beer City Bruiser. BCB does The Crusher gimmick with the beer keg and cigar. Surprisingly a lot of movement between all these big men and it turned out to be a good match.

(3) A.C.H. beat Dalton Castle. The crowd was very much into Dalton's character and the high spots from A.C.H.

(4) Michael Elgin beat Matt Taven. A lot of jeers throughout the match as well as a lot of fans demanding that it end. If you had never seen ROH you would never guess Elgin was a former ROH World champion because of the small response he got. He cut a promo after the match and won over the crowd by reminding them of how much they mean to him and hyping his involvement in the G1 Climax tournament.


(5) Michael Bennett beat Cheeseburger, Will Ferrara, and Moose in a four-way match. All wrestlers received good responses from the audience, especially Moose. Bennett has come a long way since the first time I saw him in person. He's gained a ton of charisma while he's in the ring.

(6) Adam Cole beat Bobby Fish. Really good match between these two. The fans cheered for both men equally throughout the match.

(7) Jay Briscoe & ODB beat ROH World & TV champion Jay Lethal & Truth Martini in a mixed tag match. Definitely the most exciting match of the night. The crowd loves ODB. She's extremely over in her hometown.

(8) Roderick Strong beat A.J. Styles and Kyle O'Reilly in a three-way match. This is why I hate triple threat matches. The crowd really wanted to see A.J. all night, but hardly got to see much of him in this match. A lot of the action was dedicated to O'Reilly and Strong, which still made for a great match, but when the biggest selling point of the show was to see A.J. wrestle and he barely got in much action, the crowd wasn't pleased by that.