Exclusive Interview with Mouth of the South Shore Radio Show Host Eric Cordova

Eric Cordova is the host for the Mouth of the South Shore Radio Program on the i95 Sports and Entertainment Network. He attended both the University's of Arizona and Florida but is a Gator at heart. He was born on Strong Island and still calls it home.

We sat down with Mr. Cordova for this 1 on 1, steel cage match style interview:

BS: When do first remember falling in love with wrestling?

EC3: Wrestlemania 6.  My buddy in kindergarten invited me over and I had no clue what we were watching.  All I knew was that it was bright and colorful and fun.  By the end of the night though, I was a huge fan of the Ultimate Warrior and curious to see what else wrestling had to offer.

BS: What were some of your earliest memories of "this business?"

EC3: I remember bugging my mom to get me the “Rock and Wrestling” tapes and I’d watch the one with Hulk and Nikolai Volkoff until I wore the thing out!  Most of my wrestling memories were external to actually watching the show as it wasn’t on a lot so it was watching those tapes, collecting and playing with the action figures, and cutting my favorite promos in the mirror.

BS: What's your favorite angle of all time?

EC3: When I was a kid, it was definitely the story where Jake Roberts turned on Ultimate Warrior.  “Never trust a snake” stuck with me for a long time.  As I got older though, I found that stories that allowed me to connect with a character drew me in more.  In that regard, the Christian/Chris Jericho storyline leading into and past Wrestlemania 20 is probably my favorite.  The simple bet leading to one guy truly falling for the girl and watching his best friend turn on him and then the girl doing the same was heartbreaking and I can’t imagine anybody that wouldn’t rally behind the babyface in that story!  It’s so underrated but it is how wrestling stories SHOULD be told!

Eric stylin and profilin?

BS: Who's your favorite wrestler of all time?

EC3: I was always drawn to great mic workers.  I don’t know if I could pick one favorite, but I was a HUGE Rock fan in the late 90’s and would come up with my own “Rock style” promos.  I always liked Jake Roberts and Road Dogg for the same reason.  Anybody who could sell me with a microphone was ok in my book.  I was always drawn to that part of the business more than anything.

BS: Who's your favorite manager of all time?

EC3: Well now, wouldn’t it be easy to say “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart. Hahahahaha.  It’s not though.  I was always captivated by Bobby Heenan as a kid, but I’d be hard-pressed to not hold Paul Heyman in high regard for his recent work.  Plus, a loud-mouthed Jewish dude from New York?  How could I not support a guy like that?

BS: Because you're Jewish, would you like to see a Jewish champion and/or Jewish angle ran on television? (and no! You cannot say Goldberg!)

EC3:  Absolutely!  I’m all for trying anything in a wrestling angle and I’m not someone that’s easily offended.  If the angle is done right and the end game makes the fans happy, I’m all for it.  I mean, I don’t need a wrestler going out there in pais and tzitzit, but acknowledging a wrestler’s religious background wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.  Plus, aren’t we always drawn to people that are like us?

Goldberg & the 2 Eric's from the MoTSS Radio Program

BS: Tell us how you started the Mouth of South Shore show....and how it got to where it is today.....

EC3:  Well, that’s quite the long story.  I got out of college and, like most kids at the time, didn’t find a job right away and was bored at home.  I decided to start blogging and one of the few blogs I started was about wrestling.  It was that one that I started putting the most time into and it got picked up by a blogging network called FanVsFan.  I never thought that much about radio while doing this, but at some point an opportunity presented itself to do it and I had a “tryout” with a guy named Dennis Farrell.  He had a fantasy sports show and had Lex Luger coming on as a guest and invited me to do the show and talk to Lex.  Despite the fact that I felt I completely butchered the interview portion, I had a great time doing radio and was certainly attracted to the medium, so when Dennis offered me the chance to do my own show, it didn’t take long to say yes.  That was 4 years ago and 3 stations and now a 4 person team later, our show is as big and exciting as it’s ever been!

BS: Why did you want to incorporate your passion for wrestling and your passion for broadcasting?

EC3:  Wrestling fans are amongst the most vocal of any types of fans and the difference between wrestling and other forms of sports and entertainment is that the fans directly dictate what they see.  I always felt that I had an understanding beyond visceral reaction to the wrestling business, so I put myself out there with my blogs.  When it transitioned into radio, it became even more exciting to quite literally have a voice about wrestling.  Plus, I had a dream as a kid of being on Saturday Night Live so the performance aspect of radio gets my juices flowing each and every week.  To be able to perform while talking about something I’ve loved following since I was 6 years old is truly a dream come true and to do it with two guys that allow me to be me on radio is just, it’s amazing.  I can’t imagine my life without a radio show!

Thank you for sitting down with us.....and escaping the cage....

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