WWE Survivor Series 2015 Results


– Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: The Dudley Boyz, Titus O’Neil, Neville and Goldust defeated The Ascension, Bo Dallas, The Miz and Stardust.Goldust quickly eliminated Viktor with a powerslam. Konnor was eliminated next, via a Rock Bottom (more or less) from Bubba Ray Dudley. Miz eliminated Neville after a Bo-Dog from Bo Dallas and a Skull-crushing Finale, but was quickly eliminated afterward via a Goldust rollup. Titus O’Neil eliminated Bo Dallas with a Clash of the Titus. Stardust tried to leave the match and run away from Goldust, but ran into a 3-D. The Dudleys, Titus and Goldust all survive.

WWE Survivor Series 2015 Results:

1. Tournament Match: Roman Reigns defeated Alberto Del Rio.Reigns pinned Del Rio after a spear to advance to the finals.

2. Tournament Match: Dean Ambrose defeated Kevin Owens.Ambrose avoided two pop-up powerbomb attempts and hit Dirty Deeds for the pinfall win. Ambrose moves on to the finals to face Roman Reigns.

3. Traditional Survivor Series Elimination Match: Ryback, The Lucha Dragons and The Usos defeated The New Day, King Barrett and Sheamus. Sin Cara eliminated King Barrett first with a swanton bomb. Jimmy Usos was eliminated next, via a backbreaker/double-stomp combo from The New Day. Sheamus eliminated Sin Cara with a Brogue Kick. Jey Uso eliminated Big E with a top rope splash, following a Meathook Clothesline from Ryback and a short hurricanrana from Kalisto. The rest of New Day carried Big E to the back, leaving Sheamus alone. Ryback pinned Sheamus after Shell Shocked.

4. Divas Championship Match: Charlotte (c) defeated Paige.Charlotte retained the title by submission with the Figure-Eight.

5. Tyler Breeze defeated Dolph Ziggler. Breeze pinned Ziggler after an Unprettier.

6. The Undertaker and Kane defeated Bray Wyatt and Luke Harper. Undertaker pinned Harper after a Tombstone Piledriver.

7. Tournament Finals: Roman Reigns defeated Dean Ambrose to become the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Reigns pinned Ambrose after a spear to win the tournament and become the new champion. After the match, Triple H came to the ring to shake Reigns’ hand, but Reigns speared him. When he turned around, Sheamus was in the ring and hit Reigns with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus then cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

8. WWE World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sheamus defeated Roman Reigns (c) to become the new champion. Reigns kicked out of the first Brogue Kick, but fell to a second. The show ended with Triple H raising Sheamus’ hand.