#tbt: Stuttering John vs Crazy Cabbie Boxing Match from 2002 (video)

The Flunky vs. the Junkie!

In Howard Stern's Flunky vs. the Junky fight, Stuttering John Melendez gave up 87 pounds and 7 inches of height to Lee "Crazy Cabbie" Mroszak.

Stern was able to pack Trump's Taj Mahal for his second installment of boxing between show members. Many celebrities were in attendance including Evander Holyfield, Don King, Hasim Rahman, Zab Judah, High Pitch Eric, Beetlejuice and a variety of porn stars.

Michael Buffer announced the event which officially started with the national anthem being sung by Reba, who is conjoined at the head with her twin.

Stuttering John came right at Cabbie to start the fight. John landed head shots while Cabbie quickly resorted to underhanded tactics as he did in his fight with "Angry Black." The 262 pound Cabbie was throwing his weight around trying to turn the fight into a wrestling match. In the opening round he landed low blows and he blatantly hit Stuttering John late. John pretty much kept it clean throwing his signature right.

John continued to outbox Cabbie in the 2nd. He proved to be the quicker of the two and Cabbie could not find a way to get around that. Cabbie looked to be tiring and pined John against the ropes so that he could lean on him. At the end of the round a big uppercut by Cabbie shocked Stuttering John. John went backwards and Cabbie went to attack. It looked as if John was about to taste the canvas, but he was saved by the bell.

In the third, John was on the offensive again. He continued to land overhand rights. Cabbie countered with some elbows, but he was clearly exhausted.

Down the stretch of the 5 rounder, John continued to dominate. Cabbie's punches had nothing behind them. He could not stop John's right. In the 5th, John hit Cabbie with at least 5 straight punches. Cabbie had nothing left and just watched the gloves hit his face. The crowd broke into "Cabbie Sucks" chants. John continued and looked to almost have Cabbie down, but the bell sounded, ending the fight.

Judge Virgil Hill scored it 48-47. Judge John Ruiz scored it 48-47. Judge Dwight Qawi scored it 50-46. All saw Stuttering John as the winner.

"I think I won the fight," said Cabbie. He originally refused to shake John's hand, but later reconsidered in the name of sportsmanship.

Stuttering John thanked everyone and both fighters accepted their $100,000 purses. Many side bets were made, including Howard Stern putting $30,000 on John.