UFC's Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone & Frankie Edgar Join the @TwoManPowerTrip

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A special WEB EXCLSUIVE episode of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling POWERED by Meowbox.com. John and Chad are joined by guest co-host Chris Deangelo and present two special interviews with the UFC's Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone and Frankie Edgar.

Full Episode:

Highlights of Donald Cerrone:

Whats different about this fight with Rafael dos Anjos?:

Because now I feel good. The last couple of years I have made some changes and started living life again and having a good time. It's a whole different animal now with this fight and I'm as ready as I'll ever be.

His comments on potenital steroid use by other fighters specifically dos Anjos:

I was just making iterations that maybe he is or he isn't. Maybe he is just training real hard and is elevating and doing what he has to do but who knows. You've seen a lot of body types change since they put the new USDA ban into effect and they put the IV ban back on so we will see if things will be different and when you dehydrate your brain and you can't rehydrate properly it can definitely cause a fighter to not be able to take those punches like they used to. Will he be able to go as long and as hard as he used to? I don't know. Only time will tell.

His long layoff between fights in 2014/15:

The layoff was perfect for me. I had a house I had to build so I built my house and I'm always moving, running and gunning so it's not like I took time off.

Is it difficult having the potential super fight of Connor McGregor vs. Cerrone looming over this fight with dos Anjos:

This fight, first of all I'm focused on RDA and I am really looking forward to that fight and I can't really get into that McGregor talk until I do my job and get out there and win this fight. Looking past and looking at McGregor I can't look toward him. I have to focus completely on this fight and as soon as it is over I will gladly talk all the Connor talk you want.

Does fighting for a title add pressure to winning or is it just another fight:

It's crazy I feel no added pressure and it feels like any other day at the office. It's nothing different to me it's just like any other fight no added pressure at all for me.

Hypothetically how would he react to being disrespected by Connor McGregor:

That sh*t is not gonna fly but I am not even going there I'm going to put all my energy and I am totally focused on RDA and I've got to stay true to that. I've got to. I've got to stay focused at the task at hand before I start jumping forward. I'll go out there and win on Saturday and then McGregor can have it.

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