EVOLVE Mini-Doc: Before, During, After Thatcher - Riddle I (video)

WWN Officials offered Documentarian Kenny Johnson full access to the EVOLVE NYC March weekend for he and his team to film wherever and whenever they wanted without any constraints. The result was a chronicle of before, during and after the Timothy Thatcher-Matt Riddle EVOLVE Championship Match at EVOLVE 56 (http://wwnlive.com/event-evolve-03-19...) capturing the controversial ending in full (https://youtu.be/84b6o1YBcz0). On top of that, if there were any questions about Riddle's actions at EVOLVE 57 (http://wwnlive.com/event-evolve-03-20...), he makes his intentions crystal clear in this Mini-Doc. Enjoy this up close and personal view of Thatcher and Catch Point raw and uncut setting the stage for the EVOLVE Championship Rematch at EVOLVE 58 4pm CDT on April 1st from Dallas, TX!