WWE Superstars Expected To Leave After WrestleMania 32 (video)

Slat Rock Wrestling Presents, WWE Superstars who are expected to leave after WrestleMania 32

7. Wade Barrett - Wade recently informed WWE officials of his decision to discontinue ties with the company. The British wrestler has built quite the fan base over the time he spent with WWE, but he supposedly decided to call it quits because he was no longer enjoying what he was doing. He addressed the reports on his Twitter, writing, “I’ll comment further at a more appropriate time, but for now I’m 100% focused on doing my job for @WWE.”

6. Brie Bella has made no secret about the fact she’s headed for retirement. Indeed, many fans expected her last match to be at Fastlane. It was a Divas title match against Charlotte, which is a more than fitting way to end a career.However, Brie is sticking around for now, perhaps wanting to secure that final big payday with a WrestleMania appearance. Along with the other divas, you could see her being booked in a tag or battle royal type match on April 3.After that, as Daniel Bryan said on Raw, he and Brie are going to start a family. It goes without saying, she isn’t going to be wrestling when pregnant. Her deal is thought to be up in the summer, but leaving after Mania is looking like her goodbye moment.

5. Mark Henry - For a man of his size, it is remarkable to have a 20+ year career. The irony is that he only really became a good worker about seven years ago. After WrestleMania, this 44 year old man will call it a day

4. Shane McMahon - He’s back, but not for long. Shane is the CEO of “You on Demand”, the first VOD service in China and he is also serving on the board of directors for the “International Sports Management agency “So the storyline involving Shane O Mac will not last for long, he is not here to stay with WWE. He will go back to all his important venture capitalist inclinations,It’s disappointing, but it true…. It’s like Rock saying “Finally the Rock has come back HOME” and then he leaves

3. Chris Jericho -Chris Jericho’s WWE deals are never for a long period of time, and backstage reports have suggested his current run is to go through until April. Chris returned to WWE to give cover for all the injuries. Y2J is not only a big name in WWE but also in the entire wrestling world. He adds a lot of value to the cards especially when WrestleMania is around the corner. Even at the age of 45, he is a great in ring performer and a great mic man who can get the crowd going.

2. Sting- Sting will turn 57 by the time WrestleMania comes calling and his best days are definitely behind him. Sting’s WWE run has seen him compete in just two full-scale singles matches and he lost both. More importantly, in the latter match against Seth Rollins, Sting suffered a neck injury and barely completed the bout. Sting underwent surgery for cervical spinal stenosis, the very condition that led to the retirement of Stone Cold Steve Austin and Edge when they were more than a decade younger than the Vigilante. Sting also made it very clear in Ric Flair’s podcast that he might not wrestle in Mania this year because of the injury.

Before we mention our number 1 guy, we would like to talk about someone who will be absent for the most part post WrestleMania…its none other than the beast - Brock Lesnar. Technically, he won’t be leaving the WWE, but The Beast will almost definitely be disappearing for a while, and that’s going to leave one of the biggest holes on the roster. He’s been a near constant since January, and he’s made the entire Mania season experience a much richer one

1. The Undertaker - At 50 years old, The Undertaker is the second oldest wrestler in the WWE right now. WrestleMania 32 was long expected to be The Undertaker’s final match vs John Cena and this match was kept aside because of Cena’s injury.Earlier this week, Vince McMahon announced that Undertaker will be in a Hell in cell vs Shane McMahon. Now, even though, Shane shocked the entire world with his comeback and the fact that it is a “Hell in a Cell” and the fact that it could possibly be Taker’s last match , the enthusiasm for this match is not there among many fans. We still haven’t heard anything from Taker and so there are still some possibilities that Taker might actually wrestle a full time wrestler. Come this Monday Night Raw, Taker shouldn’t accept Vince's orders and instead join hands with Shane. Vince would then have to think about Taker’s opponent. Now, who could that be is a big question?? Can John Cena make a miracle comeback as a heel? Or even Randy Orton as – The Legend Killer .So, it will be Shane at Taker’s corner vs John Cena / Randy Orton at Vince’s corner at WM in a Hell in a Cell .Keeping all these storylines aside, we fell that Taker will retire post his match at WrestleMania