Oscar De La Hoya Wins Suit Against Prostitute

Former boxing champ Oscar De La Hoya scored a first round TKO Thursday over the blond beauty who accused him of taking advantage of her during a drug-fueled sex romp, according to Fox Sports.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Paul Wooten found Angelica Cecora's tale of being "imprisoned" by the Olympic gold medalist "frivolous," and ordered her to pay $500 in court fees.

The tryst took place March 15 of last year, when Cecora was invited to dinner with De La Hoya at his hotel. She then went up to his suite, where she claims "they had sexual intercourse, engaged in other sexual activities, and De La Hoya had drugs delivered to him, which he used," according to court documents.

She also called her roommate at the former boxer's request, and "her roommate allegedly also had sexual contact" with him. The ex-champ then tried waking Cecora up to have more sexual relations with him, but she refused, the decision notes — something Cecora charged was battery.

De La Hoya's lawyer contended the charge was ridiculous, because his client's "touching of plaintiff, a prostitute, in the context of a night of sexual activity, cannot be deemed offensive." The judge agreed, finding that even if her account is true, De La Hoya "never threatened her with force." He fined both Cecora and her lawyer $500 each and ordered them to pay De La Hoya's legal fees.