Rick Reilly is Even More of a Douchebag Than We Thought (w/ video)

Rick Reilly tries to get Stuart Scott to mention that he reported the injury update for Big Ben on Twitter first, but they went live before he could get it out... Steve Young taps Rick then stares him down with the "We're on the air you idiot look." @grgfremn was the first to report this Reilly nonsense on youtube and twitter, ironically. (*Also, ESPN displays Rick Reilly's name as Ricky Craven*)

Reilly didn't break any news story whatsoever...all he reports is that Ben "Shrugged his shoulders outside the locker room" and then "left with his wife"... Is that all you have to do to get credit for a story these days? This video has been seen in the local sports pages in AZ, Deadspin,Yahoo (US and Canada) SBNation, Rant Sports,NESN.com, Metro.US, and all over twitter. So remember to reference @grgfremn, he really did break it first, well after Reilly of course........

BTW: Deadspin has a recap of the “vague and not-very-informative tweets Reilly posted” about Roethlisberger’s injury.

^(h/t to Bay Area Sports Guy for this)^