The USC Football Head Coach Positioning Job Search Has Taken a Weird Turn Thanks to Some Hilarious Pranksters

USC's head football coach search has just gotten underway.....or has it?

The school is announcing that "individuals posing as members of the USC athletic department have been making phone calls to at least two coaches regarding the Trojans' head coaching position." This is a great prank and it is giving me TONS of ideas.

Former NFL coach Tony Dungy said he had been contacted regarding the USC job but that he had no interest.

Dungy said, "They haven’t but, as they say, representatives of the organization have called. Your people called my people just to see if you’re interested.” Those "people" were just having some fun with the old ball coach.

USC released a statement related to Dungy and also the Denver Broncos. Former USC All-American Jack Del Rio, who is regarded as a potential candidate, is the Broncos' defensive coordinator.

USC said, "A person falsely identifying himself as a high-ranking member of the USC athletic department attempted to make contact several times with the Denver Broncos' coaching staff to discuss the Trojan job. That person has been identified by USC and appropriate action is being taken."

I love stuff like this. Very creative. Now if only you'd use your creative powers for good.....nah.....keep this stuff up.