Mike's GONE, Mike's GONE.....YES Network Dumps Francesa in Favor of Michael Kay

The YES Network is dumping the Mike Francesa "Mike's On" WFAN simulcast in favor of Michael Kay’s ESPN program. Francesa is being removed from the timeslot he has had on the station for over 12 years.

The NY Daily News adds: The 10-year+ simulcast relationship between WFAN’s Mike (Sports Pope) Francesa and the YES Network will be over by the end of January, the Daily News has learned. YES will replace Francesa’s afternoon drive show with ESPN-98.7’s “The Michael Kay Show.” 
Behind the scenes there has been speculation Francesa giving Alex Rodriguez an exclusive platform on his show may have rankled YES and Yankee brass, thus speeding up The Pope’s departure.

Francesa’s A-Rod ass-kissing stunt undoubtedly pissed off some higher ups at the YES Network and it is more than likely that Big Mike jumps over to the CBS Sports Network. WFAN morning duo, Boomer and Carton, who were most recently simulcast on the MSG Network, bolted for CBSSN a month or so ago.