Remembering WCW Part 185, Rey & Juventud vs Psychosis & La Parka

Remembering WCW will be a series of videos here on Broiled Sports to remember my favorite professional wrestling promotion, World Championship Wrestling. While WCW is mistakenly remembered as a failure, due to WWE, this was not the case at all. WCW at one point was the greatest wrestling company in the world and in my opinion, of all time.

While politics, poor business decisions, bad spending, and AOL-Time Warner did end up killing WCW in the end, there were so many great moments that happened before they closed down. These moments will be captured here to prove a point about WCW's greatness. Whether it be the 'new World order', Goldberg, 'The Franchise' Sting, 'The Nature Boy' Ric Flair, 'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan, the awesome talent rosters, the best matches anywhere, the best storylines, or a ton of other great things that happened in WCW, it will be brought back into the forefront here.

Remembering WCW Part 185:  Rey Mysterio & Juventud Guerrera vs. Psychosis & La Parka