Broiled Sports *EXCLUSIVE* Interview w/ Indy Wrestling Star Jason Kincaid

We here at Broiled Sports were honored to have had the opportunity to interview Indy wrestling superstar Jason 'The Gift' Kincaid. 'The Gift' is known for being Intrinsically Different with his original look, moves, and interview style. He is currently wrestling on the United States independent scene and within the National Wrestling Alliance, where he is the former NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion. He has held the NWA Southeastern Heavyweight Champion as well as the 
NWA Smoky Mountain Championship.

Now onto the interview - 

Q- How did you get started with the wrestling business? Who trained you?

After searching the Internet, in futility, for a professional wrestling school within driving distance (I was 17 and still in high school), I happened upon a local wrestling event and asked the promoter about training. He put me in contact with Scott McKeever, who started my training. After McKeever went on tour, I finished my training with Bart and Brad Batten.

Q - You have a very unique style, appearance and the way you carry yourself. Who or what are the influences on your character?

I would say my strongest influence is my upbringing. I grew up in a "holler" in the mountains of West Virginia and spent a lot of time by myself in the woods. I think that isolation is what crafted some of the more unique qualities of my personality.

Q - You are very unorthodox in the ring which I think is a good thing and definitely sets you apart. How would you describe your style?


Q - You have innovated a lot of new moves. Would you consider yourself a modern day innovator of offense? And can you talk about some of the moves you invented?

I wouldn't necessarily say that I'm an innovator of offense, because more than a few of my innovations are defensive in nature. I see wrestling as an artform and I feel it's my job, as an artist, to open my heart to the gods of creativity and allow myself to be a catalyst for the expansion of art. I'm thankful to be blessed by muses that allow me contribute those moves to the vast library of professional wrestling techniques.

Q - You and Adam Pearce had a feud over the NWA title. Can you talk a little about that feud and what it's like working with the Scrap Daddy?

Those matches were great learning experiences. Adam is an intense individual inside the ring. The first match we had, he blew the biggest, nastiest snot rocket I've ever had the misfortune of experiencing directly on the entire upper half of my body. Needless to say, I took offense. Since then, we've made up and I consider Adam a friend.

Q - You spent some time wrestling in Mexico, can you talk about your time there and some experiences you had?

Mexico is awesome. The people there are some of the coolest people I've ever met on the road. The food is great, the women are beautiful, and the wrestling fans are rabid. I've been lost in taxi-cabs, lost in translation, and even lost in the ring, while south of the border. The latter lost moment coming because I didn't understand the rules of a Trios Match: I knew it was three falls but didn't know you have to score two pins or submission (if the opponent being pinned or submitted isn't the captain of the team) to earn the fall. So, after we pinned one guy and I submitted the next, I thought we won the match and celebrated as if I did. I was confused as hell that nobody else seemed to notice the match was over.

Q - A few years back you debuted for TNA. What happened that you didn't sign with them?

That was only ever meant to be a one-shot. Of course, if I would have blown them away and been offered a big time contract, I would have been glad to take it. Alas, I didn’t have my best outing that night and was not offered said contract.

Q - In the TCW you had a great match vs Americos. What is your favorite match that you've had?

The match where I won the TCW Junior Heavyweight Championship back from Americos may be my best match, but, if we're talking my favorite, I would have to say vs Eric Darkstorm for IWA East Coast. I have great chemistry with Darkstorm and it was my debut wrestling for the biggest, best promotion in my home state (one that I had been trying to break into for a while). The match ended with "That Was Awesome" chants and earned me a roster spot.

Q - Do you think you can bring back the NWA to prominence and build it back up to what it once was?

I'm not sure that I would want to. I would rather see the NWA evolve, rather than try to recapture the glory of the old days, and carve out a future by doing something different and original. I believe in paying homage to the past, but have no interest in trying to reenacting it.

Q - It was a big moment when you won the NWA Junior Heavyweight title from Chase Owens. Can you talk about that match and the aftermath?

Owens is my greatest rival, thus far, in my career. I think that match will go down as one of the classic matches of our feud, with more yet to come. For quite a while, the Junior Heavyweight/Cruiserweight division has been the "wrestler's wrestler" weight class, the weight class for innovators and pioneers. So, to win a the World Junior Heavyweight Championship meant a lot to me.

Q - Can you talk about your long reign with the NWA Smoky Mountain title. What have been your favorite moments during the run?

It's been a good three years. Defending the belt in Mexico and against top athletes in the sport like Davey Richards, Lance Hoyt, Chase Owens, and many others have been my favorite moments.

Q - You've worked Nwa title matches with Rob Conway. Wrestled great wrestlers like AJ Styles and even worked with Matt Hardy. What is your dream match?

vs Cesaro, at WrestleMania

Q- You were announced as the first participant in the world famous Ecwa Super 8 tournament. What are your feelings on being in it?

It's a great feeling of accomplishment. For years, I've watched some of the best and brightest athletes in wrestling compete in the Super 8, many of which went on to become big stars. So, it's a tremendous honor for me to be included in this year's tournament.

Q - What can we expect from "The Gift" in future?

Expect me to continue pushing the limits of artistic expression inside the squared circle, only on bigger and bigger stages.

We would like to thank Jason Kincaid for taking the time to do this interview with us. It was great talking to an independent wrestling star like "The Gift".

Follow him on Twitter: @GiftKincaid