Army Veteran and UFC Fighter Tim Kennedy Joins the @TwoManPowerTrip


Today The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling is joined by a professional mixed martial artist who currently competes in the UFC’s Middleweight division, the great Tim Kennedy. A true to life G.I. Joe, Tim Kennedy served full-time in the United States Army while also competing as a professional combat fighter. John and Chad find out all the amazing things Kennedy does outside of simply fighting as he dives in to the world of the History Channel's "Hunting Hitler" and discuses being a target of the terrorist group ISIS following comments he made. Kennedy also gives his true to form outspoken comments regarding PEDs in MMA and the consequences fighters who test positive should face.

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Tim Kennedy Comments On PED Suspensions & Why South American Fighters Often Test Positive:

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Is it an epidemic that the South American/Brazilian fighters try to get away with PED usage:

Yes. I think it's a cultural thing and it's an access thing. They are so readily available in South America that if you walk into the equivalent of a CVS and you can get anabolic steroids. I go to South America often and I can tell you first hand and I've watched guys walk in and say I need to get some (insert) anabolic steroid and it's handed to them over the counter. There are particular fight camps here in the United States that lend themselves to cheaters. The American top teams and Brazilian top teams like the Blackzillians and I don't want to offend anybody (but) they have more people testing "hot" than any other team out there and when I say any other teams I mean all the other teams. You go to Jackson's AKA the Arizona (Combat Sports) with Ryan Bader, TriStar and you can take all the super-gyms and combine the number of guys that tested positive and they don't equal what the other schools like the Blackzillians or American Top Team. Coincidentally there are way more Brazilians that train at both of them. There is a problem both in the Brazilian culture and their approach to fighting as well as specific gyms.

Was he still hoping for a fight against Anderson Silva:

I've been begging and pleading for a fight against Anderson Silva. One, it's an easy payday and he may have been the greatest ever but that went away the moment he tested positive for steroids. Had he like broken his leg during in his Weideman fight and just went quiet into the night I would say he is one of the best ever but now he's just another cheater and another Vitor Belfort and another Brazilian that I want to knock out. Both Silva and Belfort would be super-easy fights on the sauce or off the sauce but now the way we are being tested it is difficult to be able to cheat so that makes it really really easy fight.

Beating contenders in the past and being looked over for title shots:

I've been out of it a second but yeah Robbie Lawler is the champ and I beat the breaks off Robbie Lawler for fifth-teen minuets. Yoel Romero they were saying is the number one contender..I knocked him out and then he didn't answer a third round bell. Michael Bisping we had a five round battle I beat him for five rounds and tripled the amount of strikes landed. I landed more take-downs in that fight then had been landed on him in his entire career. But one guy is a champ, the other guy is a contender and the other one gets a title fight? Then I see people had me ranked at like eight or nine? It just blows my mind. At what point did I just get forgotten and end up (sucking). Let me remind you that I have beaten every one of these dudes and I am still here.

Thoughts on Scott Coker and Bellator's formula:

I love the guy. I love fighting for him, I love the way he treats his athletes. I love the way that even on the production side of what they would let us do. They would let us be ourselves and there wasn't this black and white mold of how we are supposed to act or what we are supposed to say or what we are supposed to wear. Fighting is a very independent thing and it's not a team sport and it's not the NFL you know because we don't have to look the same. We aren't going in there to rip a guys arm off and knock him out and in the UFC with our uniform policy, the no sponsors not only does it affect us monetarily but it changes and you have a bunch of robots in there. They want us to fight and they are giving us incentives to fight a certain way and it's taking the element of this being an individual Mixed Martial Arts exhibition to we are going to take one guy and another guy and let them do their thing to a really tacky product and I don't want to be tacky or I don't want to be a black and white mold of a product.

Does he see fighters eventually looking to jump ship from UFC rather then renaming a "black and white robot":

I think it's close. I think guys are going to realize soon how much they are really worth and that's going to change what guys go after. If they know they are worth "this much" money well you can't help but pay them, so it kind of stinks that these athletes don't know how much they are worth yet. But they will figure it out.

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