Alberto El Patron Chooses AAA over NJPW & CMLL


According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Alberto El Patron is debuting in the main event of the October 2nd Heroes Inmortales show for AAA. AAA was the only company that was willing to pay him $4,000 per appearance. CMLL was not going to pay someone that much, and ELITE had been offering big money but with the limited capacity of Arena Naucalpan, where they are now running, it didn’t make financial sense to them.

The choice to work AAA also means that he is not working with New Japan Pro Wrestling. NJPW works with CMLL, and offered Alberto a deal with a schedule similar to what AJ Styles used to work, with the understanding that he would work for CMLL as well. Alberto was not interested in spending too much time in Japan, and took the AAA offer.