Lucha Underground’s Rey Mysterio Joins the @TwoManPowerTrip


Lucha Underground’s Rey Mysterio Jr. joined The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling this past week for an exclusive interview conducted during New York City Comic Con. Rey discusses with John and Chad Season 3's progress thus far and what his future plans are for Lucha Underground and how he is playing a new role as mentor and veteran to the locker room. The full episode can be downloaded at this link.

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Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling #212 Rey Mysterio Jr. FULL INTERVIEW:

Going back to his roots and blending the Mysterio mystique with the vibe of Lucha Underground:

“If you really think about it with anybody that goes back to their roots one of the things that you get out of that is that it brings back good memories. It brings back the smiles so that really puts me back in the early days of my career and it just makes me want to keep going. It is only positive. Positive thinking, positive vibes and just going out there and having a good match. The only thing I haven't done yet and my son is the one who told me to do this is go back to my old wrestling attire, which I am really thinking about doing. “

The energy that "the temple" brings to Lucha Undergound and comparisons to the ECW Arena:

“It is very similar to that old ECW vibe. I don't mention this enough publicly like I should but I am very thankful to Paul Heyman and Konan. For Konan it was for introducing me to Paul Heyman and for Paul it was giving me the opportunity and to all of the boys that were a part of that roster back then like Shane Douglas, Tommy Dreamer and even Stone Cold Steve Austin who was back there. The energy of "the temple" is so similar to the vibe in ECW but it is just a bit more intimate and more personal at the temple. It is more eye contact with the fans and if you like you can make that personal connection so it is that good vibe that I always forget to relate to.”

What can fans look forward to from Rey Mysterio in Season 3:

“It just gets crazier and crazier as we move on with the episodes in Season 3. Without giving anything away there is just so much talent that I still haven't faced that I am looking forward to getting to face off with in Season 3 or Season 4 or the next season after that. There is definitely such a wide variety on the roster that we can put out five star matches every night that we step into that temple.”

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