Evolve Star Matt Riddle Joins the @TwoManPowerTrip (FULL)

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The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling's latest episode features EVOLVE's standout star, Matt Riddle. Transitioning from the world of MMA over to pro wrestling has been quite the interesting journey for Riddle thus far. Only a little over a year into his career as a wrestler he has naturally taken to the business and has embraced his knack for in ring grappling by locking up with some of the biggest and brightest names on the “Indie” scene. In this excerpt from episode number 214, Riddle talks his time in wrestling thus far as well as comment on the new relationship between WWNLive and FloSports. The full episode is available for download at this link.

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Matt Riddle On His Transition To Pro Wrestling, WWN Live/FloSports Relationship:

How has his transition over to pro wrestling been thus far:

"At first it was a little slow and just because I got into the UFC after like six months of training so I assumed that I'd get into pro wrestling just as quick but pro wrestling is actually a lot harder to pick up than one might think. So you know, it was kind of a struggle at first but once I started to get things and understand how the business side worked and I really got a grasp on connecting with the crowd instead of just doing moves, it became so much fun and I'm just having a blast because it is something I've always wanted to do and the success in my first big year is crazy...just crazy."

Especially during his run in the UFC, did he envision joining pro wrestling at some point:

"The big thing is it was something that I have always wanted to do before MMA or even "real" wrestling, I was doing backyard matches on trampolines and stuff like that well before I got into "real" wrestling. I just had that passion for it and either when I fought in the UFC I continued to watch pro wrestling even probably more than I watched MMA because of the fact I was training in it all the time and I was working side by side with the biggest names in UFC and mixed martial arts. So I was watching more wrestling because it was more entertaining to me and even when I fought in the UFC, you know you fight to win but I had always tried to entertain the crowd be it connecting with them one way or another or maybe fighting a certain way and maybe going for fight of the night or something like that."

The relationship between WWNLive and FloSports and the impact on Independent wrestling promotions:

"I feel like the market has been go to streaming and everybody is streaming content now and Flo has a great platform and that they do a lot of amateur wrestling and jiu-jitsu, mixed martial arts and every other sport under the sun and plus now professional wrestling and I think they were smart getting the professional wrestling they did because the WWN brand that they picked up is more of a sport wrestling than any other wrestling out there. I think it is a good fit and I think it is going to money. I think it is a huge deal and it is going to get even bigger over time."

For more on Riddle's career thus far in both wrestling and MMA as well as what he feels are his best matches please download the full 60 minute interview. Also, .you can also follow The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling on Twitter @TwoManPowerTrip