Evolve Star Matthew Riddle Joins the @TwoManPowerTrip (Preview)

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Today, The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling welcome EVOLVE’s Matt Riddle to podcast episode #214. Transitioning from the world of MMA over to pro wrestling has been quite the interesting journey for Riddle thus far. Only a little over a year into his career as a wrestler he has naturally taken to the business and has embraced his knack for in ring grappling by locking up with some of the biggest and brightest names on the “Indie” scene. In the following preview excerpt, Riddle discusses the original vision EVOLVE’s Gabe Sapolsky had for him upon entering the company as well as the feedback and role WWE has played in his quickly blossoming wrestling career.

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Matt Riddle On Gabe Sapolsky's Vision & WWE's Role In His Pro Wrestling Career:

What was Gabe Saplosky's original vision for Riddle upon entering EVOLVE:

“To be honest at the very beginning the vision was this: I was supposed to go to WWE still in a couple of months. So, I was going to wrestle two months and beat the guys I wrestle and then go against (Timothy) Thatcher and lose to Thatcher so he retains the belt looking strong and whatever. But then as things went on and I improved every time I wrestled and the WWE didn't end up picking me up (we didn't know this at the time) but I was still on the radar and still on the back-burner and it wasn't a no yet. I just kept working with EVOLVE and Gabe liked it and like I said I've been with them for a year and the WWE kind of gave me a pass. They said they liked what I was doing but not right now and I was like cool. Gabe and Sal at EVOLVE and WWN have been nothing but gracious to me and giving me opportunities and all I can do is if you give me the ball I can run with it and I think I've been doing a pretty good job at that. “

Who has he had contact with at WWE and what other feedback has he received:

“I see people from WWE all the time. People on their roster, people like (William) Regal. When you work for EVOLVE and you know the one show I was at there was Cesaro and Daniel Bryan and a bunch of guys were there and then on top of that you always see like I said Regal and other people at seminars and et cetera. They are always around and are always watching us. There is always talk. “

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