Lucha Underground's Son of Havoc (Matt Cross) @MDoggMattCross Joins the @TwoManPowerTrip


Podcast episode #222 of The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling featured Lucha Underground's Son of Havoc (Matt Cross). Fresh off of his show stealing performance at House of Hardcore 21 this past Saturday, this except details how Matt’s goal to be the best wrestler on the planet is slowly but surely coming true. The full episode is available for download via Podomatic at this link as well as iTunes, YouTube, Google Play, Spreaker, Player FM, Tune In Radio or by visiting our OFFICIAL web site

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People not realizing how well traveled he has been throughout his career:

“Yeah, every part of it is insane and my career in particular has been so insane. There is literally no one outside of myself that even knows all of the things that I've done or can draw this kind of connection to them because they have been so random. There are things that we've touched about during this call and it's like do people know that I'm the guy from the backyard wrestling video game? And if you do, (did you know) that’s the same guy who did the Hulkamania tour of Australia? And that is the same guy that was on Ultimate Warrior's last show ever and that he also did Tough Enough and then he was on Wrestling Society X and now he is on Lucha Underground? There is no possible way you could tie those things together and they are all awesome but are all so random in relation to one another. So it has been an insane sixteen years but that is what keeps me involved. because I always think about right now someone in the world is having some kind of conversation about me. Maybe they are in Belgium and they are saying maybe they should use Matt Cross and like that is happening right now so I just love that excitement and waking up every day and you don't know what is going to come your way. So I always have the idea of being ready.”

Loving what he does and having the craziest year yet of his career:

“I've been working out for about eighteen years and a lot of times on a Friday night if I am by myself and lifting weights I am not even counting reps and as I am doing the reps I'm saying "I'm a pro wrestler, I’m a pro wrestler, I'm a pro wrestler" and even now I'm chasing it and this has been the craziest year I've ever had. I've been to twelve countries this year alone but like I touched on earlier there is no well… I did it and it's time to relax. It is let's go and let's go harder and lets go more. The work is all still there and the work that got me here is going to get me to that next level and whatever that is it is just the mentality that I have and that hard work can't be denied forever.”

Looking back at some of the favorite matches of his career thus far:

“I really liked working with Ultimo Dragon and that is another one because I've wrestled him like thirteen times and I'm sure no one knows that. I've wrestled him in Canada, Italy, Spain and to just have him be a guy that in WCW/nWo Revenge the video game I was picking him because he had the coolest outfit. To being like, well here he is (laughing) you are going to wrestle him night after night in front of 12,000 people in Spain or you are wrestling him in Italy or he is coming to Toronto and you are wrestling him there is just so cool and to become friends with him over the course of thirteen matches over however many months and years and (also) see the trust grow to where the first match was very basic and to eventually have him say I will do the asai moonsault and I trust you to catch me. That was neat and those kind of stick out to me because they are all such great experiences. “

“Someone just asked me if I had ever wrestled Adrian Neville or actually it was maybe had I ever met him and I just think that is hilarious because I've wrestled him in England, France, off the coast of Africa on an Island called La Reunion, Spain, maybe Italy as well, Scotland. It’s like a half dozen countries we have wrestled and have remained good friends so yeah, I've met him (laughing) and stuff like that is so funny to me but it also speaks to the randomness of my career. I've been lucky to wrestle so many good guys.”

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