"Star Maker" Kenny Bolin @StarMakerBolin Joins the @TwoManPowerTrip

Prior to his recent health issues the outspoken and controversial "Star Maker" Kenny Bolin joined the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling for a look back at his days in OVW. Breaking down the early careers of wrestlers such as John Cena, Randy Orton and Brock Lesnar. In this excerpt we focus on his former client in "Bolin Services" John Cena's role in WWE and how he immediately succeeded after leaving OVW in 2002. Also, what would a few minuets with Kenny Bolin be without a shoot on aspects of current wrestling as "King Bolin" shares his thoughts on Total Divas and they boyfriends of the wrestlers on the show.

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John Cena's role now in WWE:

He is basically still the biggest draw in the company even though they are trying to put that saddle on somebody else. I think Cena even though he said he would never leave wrestling, Cena wants to do other things now. It looks like Cena is tired of taking bumps every f*cking night.

On John Cena's growth in WWE immediately after departing OVW:

They really gave him the "pat on the back" when they had him do the bit with the Undertaker and then Taker goes into the back and says "hey, good match". Which Taker didn't do that for f*cking anybody. But Taker is the one that really put Cena over on a show they had on Smackdown. He (Cena) then eventually teamed up with (Bull) Buchanan and dropped down a little bit but finally they figured out that he was going to be a major star there and he was just making the proper steps that now these days they will just f*cking bring someone out of NXT and put the f*cking World Title on him two weeks later. Didn't they do that with a girl and have one of the girl wrestlers come up and give them the title after the first week or two that she was there? I think it was Paige that did it on her first show.

The ridiculous nature of Total Divas and the boyfriends of the wrestlers on the show:

So what is the heat with Paige? I hear she's got some heat with the office and I quit watching Divas (what a f*cking train wreck). If I want to see a f*cking train wreck I will tune in and watch it because it is ridiculous the sh*t they try to make people believe is real. All these boyfriends wandering around in the back and having "say", I guarantee you it ain't changed that much since I've left it and there were times that they didn't want me wandering around in the back at certain shows more or less some d*ckhead boyfriend that doesn't know f*cking sh*t about the business wandering around looking like a bunch of yard monkeys trying to get a damn job somewhere. That sh*t does not happen and that is strictly for Divas television. Anybody who has ever been backstage at a WWE event for a taping (house shows are a little more relaxed) but if it is a TV taping and if Vince is there, these d*ckless wonders are not going to be wandering around backstage.

I heard the company wanted Del Rio and her (Paige) to break up. Isn't there like 95 examples of these f*cking inbreeders hooking up? Because apparently they can't find anyone that can deal with them outside of the business. To my proudness I can say I never, ever dated anyone in the business. Once they left a territory and if they came back through town there might be a nightly hookup and no I wasn't always a big fat f*ck and actually looked halfway decent at one time. Still though to this day I am actually amazed at the type of girls that will give me the time of day. Basically I try to be a pretty nice guy, I treat people good and some people ignore the fact that I am fat so we've got to take what we can get.

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