EP #2 of The Triple Threat Podcast w/ @TheFranchiseSD & @TwoManPowerTrip

In Episode #2 Of The Triple Threat Podcast featuring "The Franchise" Shane Douglas and The Two Man Power Trip (available and streaming on the IRW Network). Shane Douglas commented on Samoa Joe's rise in the WWE and how he was always a big fan of his while both in TNA. Shane also pokes fun at WWE's usage of the name "Great Balls of Fire" for their upcoming pay per view and why WWE couldn’t wait until Summer Slam to have this huge match. New episodes of The Triple Threat Podcast will be available every Monday EXCLUSIVELY on www.irwnetwork.com

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Shane Douglas On Haku: The Myth, The Truth And Watching The Mayhem:

Shane Douglas On WWE's Horrible Great Balls Of Fire PPV Name, Samoa Joe vs. Brock Lesnar:

Did WWE jump the gun with Brock Lesnar Vs. Samoa Joe at Great Balls of Fire:

"Hold on a second (laughing). You can't feed me a question like that and say by the way it is called Great Balls of Fire. That is a sh*tty name. That is the sh*ttiest name ever (Vince) for a pay per view, it sucks. Great Balls of Fire, what's next? "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", "My Prayer" there are a bunch from the 50s. How about "Heartbreak Hotel" that could be a good one for the next month. Good God, Vince has lost his mind."

Samoa Joe in the Main Event for a WWE Pay Per View:

"I've always been a huge mark for Samoa Joe. He certainly looks like he is getting in better shape and is credible enough to stand in the ring with Brock. I don't know if with the WWE fans yet, have they gotten him over in the WWE fans minds. At least to the same degree that I know Samoa Joe, or you guys know Samoa Joe but if so than that should be a program that they could work around the loop for the next year or two. That is the question. I haven't seen anybody that (using Steve Austin's euphemism) Vince has strapped a rocket to their ass in a longtime there and I don't think he's done it to Samoa Joe. With that said, I've known Samoa Joe from working with him in TNA and I was a mark for him then, I've been a mark for him now and his work and I'd love to see what they can let him do. The question is how will Brock pan out. But for him, Samoa Joe is a legit opponent who can go and if done properly they could draw money with that. But that is a great big asterisk on if done properly."

Should WWE have waited for Summer Slam to have the match:

"They should definitely have dumped gasoline on it and the problem is that they've got nothing else. What do you put on top of the next pay per view being "Great Balls of Fire" because I can't even say that without laughing. They need to do something and there are rare instances where you can initiate a great storyline off an initial match and Joe certainly has the goods to do that. It will be if Brock is eager to work with him and with Paul Heyman being involved it certainly won't hurt it. Obviously, a great mouth piece, a great mind so they can continue to initiate a great storyline. Again it is a great big asterisk of if they do it and I hope they do. Joe and Brock could be some damn compelling programming."

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