What is Important in a Relationship with a Girl

Everyone knows that there are certain rules of communication that shouldn’t be broken in any way. But there are also certain rules that are important in a relationship with a girl.

How to behave with a girl
Let's talk in more detail about how to behave with a girl in a relationship.

Appearance can tell a lot about a person. After all, when we get to know people, we evaluate their appearance. If your appearance doesn’t make an impression, then girls may not pay attention to you at all. You should remember some rules:
1.     Remember that your clothes should always be clean, tidy and ironed, and your shoes should be clean as well. If you neglect this, you will never get respect.
2.     Secondly, you should always smell good. There should be no unpleasant smell of sweat or of something else. Your hair should always be clean and don’t forget to shave. This is one of the most important rules.

Communication with a girl
1. Show your positive emotions
Whether she studies or works, she is definitely tired, and your negative emotions after a hard day will not make her happy. A man should be a man. So, if the meeting with you is associated with a burst of positive emotions - a girl will gladly meet with you and go on dates.
Also, you shouldn’t complain about your life, your boss or something else. It is better to tell about problems your friends in some bar.  However, she should know that you can easily solve any problem. Show her that you are not just a babbler.
2. Don’t be a henpecked
When a woman has 10 fans and 9 of them want to attract her - this quickly becomes boring. But if there is a man who stands out from the crowd and who is self-confident - a woman falls in love with him. You should behave confidently in a relationship with girls because they like such guys.
The level of importance for you should be: "I have her and it's good. If we break up - I'll find another girl." There should be no dependence. Otherwise, a woman will lose interest to you or even worse - start to manipulate. But don't overact. Be polite and gallant at the same time. Give a girl signs of attention, offer to help her. Don't forget about the magical power of smiles, compliments, and words.
Remember that even if a woman is used to dominate at work and at home - this indicates that she especially needs a man with whom she can feel like a little girl in strong male hands.
3. Be courteous
Try to behave so that girls have the impression that you are an educated, intelligent, and reliable person. Show her your good manners, erudition, and strong mind.
4. Say compliments
However, ensure that your compliments will be not too pompous and smarmy. In any case, don't lie to a girl saying about your non-existent accomplishments, achievements, and talents. Some women have a very good intuition that helps them quickly recognize a lie.
5. Spend more time together
If you really love her, you have to replace your personal affairs, meetings with friends by your joint time with a girl.
6. Listen to her
Always listen to her very carefully and don't interrupt a girl. Don't say you have no time to listen to her problems, complaints, and stories of various kinds. This may greatly hurt her feelings.
7. Surprises and care
Make pleasant and unexpected surprises for your girl. Take care of her as she is the most precious thing in your life, give her advice, protect her. Try to do something nice for your girl every day to keep her love. For example, you can serve her breakfast in bed or give her flowers during the day. If you do this, your woman will appreciate you even more. By the way, the first signal that a girl gets used to gifts is that she stops telling you "thank you".

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