#tb WCW Collision in Korea (USA PPV version)

International Sports and Culture Festival for Peace - Pyongyang, North Korea - Stadium
April 28, 1995 (150,000)
April 29, 1995 (announced live at 160,000; announced by the government at 190,000; thousands were turned away)

Highlights of the two cards were shown on pay-per-view on 8/4/95 with Eric Bischoff, Mike Tenay, & Mr. Ishikawa (Sonny Onoo) on commentary

Wild Pegasus Chris Benoit vs. Too Cold Scorpio
Yuji Nagata vs. Tokimitsu Ishizawa 04/28/95
Masahiro Chono & Hiro Saito vs. El Samurai & Tadao Yasuda 04/28/95
Bull Nakano & Akira Hokuto vs. Manami Toyota & Mariko Yoshida 04/28/95
Shinya Hashimoto vs. Scott Norton (IWGP Heavyweight Title) 04/28/95
Road Warrior Hawk vs. Tadao Yasuda 04/29/95
Steiner Brothers vs. Hiroshi Hase & Kensuke Sasaki 04/29/95
Antonio Inoki vs. Ric Flair 04/29/95

Collision in Korea, officially known as the Pyongyang International Sports and Culture Festival for Peace (平和のための平壌国際体育・文化祝典 Heiwa no tame no Pyon'yan kokusai taiiku bunka shukuten?),[3][4][5] was the largest professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event in history. It was jointly produced by World Championship Wrestling (WCW) and New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), and took place over a period of two days on April 28 and 29, 1995 at May Day Stadium in Pyongyang, North Korea. It aired in North America on August 4, 1995,[6] when WCW broadcast a selection[7] of matches from the show on pay-per-view.

The event was the first PPV from a North American wrestling promotion to be held in North Korea, and holds the current record for the largest combined attendance for a wrestling event,[8] with a claimed crowd of 165,000 and 190,000 for the first and second day respectively. American wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer reported different attendance numbers of 150,000 and 160,000 respectively.[9][1]

NJPW's Hidekazu Tanaka was the ring announcer for the show, while Masao Tayama and Tiger Hattori refereed the matches. Commentary for the WCW pay-per-view presentation of the event was provided by Eric Bischoff, Mike Tenay and Kazuo Ishikawa.

It is currently one of the few WCW pay-per-views not yet available on the WWE Network.