AAA TripleMania 25 Results


1. Hernandez, Mini Psycho Clown, La Hiedra & Mamba def. Mascara de Bronce, Estrella Divina, Dinastia & Big Mami

AAA Reina de Reinas Championship Match
2. Sexy Star (c) def. Ayako Hamada, Lady Shani & Rosemary to retain. There are reports that Star and Shani were legitimately shooting on each during the match and their bad blood may have continued backstage. Rosemary reportedly had her arm pulled out of its socket in the final submission by Star, but the injury is said not to be very serious.

– Vampiro came out to announce the winners of the two Llava a Gloria matches on the pre-show, which turned out to be Angelikal, Ashely and Hijo del Vikingo. However everyone who competed will be the first class at the brand new AAA training school.

AAA Tag Team Championship Match
3. Murder Clown & Monster Clown def. Aerostar & Dragon, Andrew Everett & DJ Zema Ion, and Dark Cuervo & Dark Scoria (c) to become the new champions.

Torneo Triplemania XXV
4. La Parka won the Torneo Triplemania. This was a ridiculous match kind of like a Royal Rumble but for trios, where eliminations come by pinfall. Only it was every man for himself, so none of the trios really mattered outside of obvious alliances being formed. Jeff Jarrett came out throwing tortillas at the Mexican fans again. The trios were:
  • Team Parka (La Parka, Bengala & Argenis)
  • Team Relevos Increibles (Pimpinela, Faby Apache & Australian Suicide)
  • Perros del Mal (Halloween, Mr. Aguila & X-Fly)
  • OGT (Averno, Chessman & Super Fly)
  • Vipers (Histeria, Psicosis & Maniaco)
  • Guapos (Scorpio Jr., Zumbido & Decnnis)
  • Heavy Metal, Lanzelot & Ricky Marvin
  • Leyendas (Pirata Morgan, Cobarde & Blue Demon Jr.)
  • GFW (Jeff Jarrett, Bobby Lashley & Moose)
  • Mexican Powers (Joe Lider, Crazy Boy & Nino Hamburguesa)
Ultimate Consequences Street Fight
5. Pagano vs. El Mesias. This match went to a No Contest because Rey Escorpion who was previously in CMLL and The Crash debuted and took out both men.

Ladder Match for the AAA Mega Championship, AAA Latin American Championship and AAA World Cruiserweight Championship
6. Johnny Mundo (c) def. El Hijo del Fantasma & Texano Jr. to retain.
– Johnny Mundo cut a super heel promo in Spanish after the match, calling out Vampiro and making him put all three of the titles around his waist. Vampiro tried to play it cool and not start anything, but eventually had enough of the disrespect and took him out with a chokeslam.

Luchas De Apuestas: Mask vs. Mask
7. Psycho Clown def. Dr Wagner Jr.
– Wagner unmasked to end the night, and revealed himself as 52-year-old Juan Manuel Gonzalez Barron