Former #WCW #SMW #WWF Star "White Lightning" Tim Horner Joins the @TwoManPowerTrip

Today The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling welcomes a longtime respected and skilled wrestler as "White Lightning" Tim Horner joins the show. Wrestling in virtually every major territory and organization "White Lightning" relives some of the highlights and finer points in his career as well as address some of the comments made by Jim Cornette in relation to the ownership of Smoky Mountain Wrestling. The full episode can be downloaded at this link.

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Tim Horner On Jim Cornette's Sale Of Smoky Mountain Wrestling's Tapes To WWE:

Tim Horner On Being A Road Agent For ECW In 2006, Role He Played, CM Punk's Matches:

Story behind the heat with Jim Cornette and the sale of SMW's tapes to WWE:

"We were supposedly partners. You know like a gentleman's agreement, nobody had anything on paper which if I had to go back and do I would have done because I've heard that Cornette ended up selling all the tapes to Vince (McMahon) for a quarter of a million dollars or whatever it was. I don't know that for sure, it is just here say. I certainly never got any of that and Sandy Scott never did either. But that is water under the bridge too. It was just differences of opinion and like they say; you never know somebody until you've lived with them or go into business with them."

His days as a road agent for WWE in 2006:

"I am close with Arn Anderson and we've been friends for many years and I guess a little over thirty years and he is an agent up there (WWE) and I was in 2006 for an extended period up there. They've got one of the hardest jobs in wrestling today and that tis trying to keep the new talent in line and trying to groom them and teach them."

"I had talked to John Laurentiis several times and he had contacted me and we conversed back and fourth and a couple times there wasn't a position open but when WWE decided to do ECW and bring that brand under the wing, they decided they needed a couple more agents. Ted Dibiase and myself were the agents for ECW. I was still able to get in the ring with the young guys on TV days and on shows we'd go in early and get some ring time and I enjoyed that so it was a good time for me even though the ECW matches were a little different than the "norm" but it was a good time."

Time working with CM Punk as an agent:

"I had several of his matches when he started and as you know the agents are responsible for the matches and each agent has a different match on the TV show. I had several of his there and he was a good guy then. He was coming in and it was new for him and nobody wanted to do bad or ruffle any feathers and everybody was just like "what do you want me to do" and I have nothing bad to say about CM Punk."

A day in the life of a road agent and their role at TV:

"There is a producer's meeting/production meeting everyday at TV and we'd sit in it and go over everything on the show. Who has the match, what they want to do and than you have to take that talent and sit them down and say here is what we want, here is what they want and here is what we've got to do and you are basically laying the match out for them. Of course you want their input as much because they aren't going to learn if they don't have any input. If I'm doing all the thinking for them, they just have to go out go through the motions. It is a lot different now than when I first started. There were times that we weren't in the same locker room and when I stepped in the ring I met the guy for the first time and there was no chance to talk. I didn't have three hours to go over a six minute match and it was just much different back then because we played off the people's emotions because all we got was the finish and the rest was ad-libbed and we fed off the people's emotions."

"A lot of times the fans don't get a chance to absorb what they are really doing because they've jumped right back up and are doing something else and are doing another nice move before the people really know what that move did or what happened. It is just totally different and it is all geared for TV and they are selling time so everything there is on a time schedule. It is just different. I had to bite my tongue a few times and it didn't matter what I thought, it was what Vince wanted."

His explosive tag team with Brad Armstrong "The Lightning Express":

"He was a funny guy to begin with and everybody was so relaxed with him. There is nothing he could not do. As far as in the ring he was solid, everything was good and a lot of time back in the day where the heels usually led the match and if a heel would get lost Brad would step in and help put him back in line. Brad got an early jump with his Dad being in the business and having the book when Brad broke in the business in Atlanta and he and his Dad became the Georgia Championship tag champions and he just had a lot of notoriety and all the Armstrong guys (all the brothers) can work. From The Road Dog to Scotty, to Stevie were all good workers but Brad just had something a little special."

"For us the timing was always off because we were always on the heels of the Rock N' Roll Express. They were drawing money in Louisiana and came up to Charlotte and when you go in and are following them it is a hard act because they've got such a big push and were drawing because they were hot. Some of the tag teams wanted to work with us but the promoters didn't give us that opportunity."

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