HIIT Exercises to Lose Fat This Spring

High-Intensity Interval Training is a series of short and highly intense cardio exercises alternated with short and less intense periods to recover.

There are no set time limits or durations for a HIIT Workout session. The exercises are done continuously until you cannot last any longer due to exhaustion. The workout courses largely depend on an individual’s fitness level. Researchers have endorsed the positive impact of HIIT Workouts regarding increased metabolism and a noteworthy loss of fat in the body. With the incredibly high level of discipline and motivation required for an individual to complete HIIT workouts, questions still linger on if typical people can withstand the robust HIIT Workout procedure.


HIIT Workouts typically include a warm-up session, multiple reps of high-energy cardiovascular exercises and finally a cool-down routine in that order. One is supposed to push his or her body to its limit when performing these extreme activities, while recovery exercises should be done at a moderate pace.

There are no particular exercises to be done during the high-intensity session, tasks such as staircase climbing, running, etc. can suffice. To boost performance during HIIT sessions, one can use performance enhancing drugs or steroids. Anabolic steroids such as Proviron can help significantly during the training sessions.

Below are some of the most efficient HIIT Workouts to help you lose fat this spring:

Outdoor Sprint Session

Working out outside offers excellent scenery while completing your exercises. The cool breeze, fresh air, etc. make outdoor working enjoyable. Also, you require no extra workout equipment! All you need is your training mat, and you are good to go.

High intensity runs with short recovery breaks are a perfect outdoor HIIT regimen. Set out markers equally for a distance of 50 yards. Start by running at high speed to the first 10-yard tag and then walk back to the starting point. Then, sprint to the 20-yard marker and walk back to the starting point. Continue with the sprinting routine each time adding 10 yards to the previous tag until you get to the 50-yard tag.

Kettlebell Exercises

In this workout session, use just a single kettlebell. The main advantage of using one kettlebell is to create an imbalance within your body. Kettlebell exercises will most certainly make one half of the body try to counter the extra weight on the opposite side. You should complete several reps of the following activities: reverse lunges, goblet squats, and floor crunches. Using the kettlebell will not only activate your cardio system but will also help you tone your muscles.

Modern Fat Burner.

Traditional exercises such as walking, staircase climbing, etc. are commonly the most preferred fat-burning exercises. However, there are a host of other modern exercises that are excellent for burning fat and can always be preferred for a change from the traditional activities.

Three or four rounds of 10-15 reps each of push-ups, burpees, box jumps, jump squats, and hanging leg raises are perfect fat burners. Always remember to take short breaks in between the rounds.