About Broiled Sports

Broiled Sports is the brainchild of the person known only as the Drifter, also the Shapeshifter, the Master Chef, the Chameleon, the Problem Child, the Hard One, the White Indian, the Giant Midget.....

Broiled Sports started back in May of 2010 and is your one stop sports spot for opinions, facts, stories, breaking news, exclusive interviews, pictorials, nonsense and a rare look at a side of sports you don't normally see out on the web.

BS started out as a tool to get my voice out there and to throw some fun, interesting articles up that you don't see everyday on the internet. I hope we can continue to do that on a daily basis. My ultimate long term goal and the ultimate long term goal of the staff is to entertain and inform you for many, many years to come.

The term 'Broiled' is not meant to be used in the cooking sense at all. It was and is used as a term among friends as an adjective. Often times in a joking matter. Like when you get yelled at by your boss at work, he 'broiled' you. Or if perhaps you drank too much, you'd be 'broiled.'

While you are at it, type in anything into to Google followed by the word 'broiled'.....tons of our stuff will appear.

I hope you enjoy the site. We will be looking to add more features in the days and months ahead. Happy blogging everyone.....

- Site Creator